Flow meters are measuring devices that are used in many industries and even common items you use daily. Flow meters that are common to most people are the gas pump, water meter and other meters that are used to measure liquids or gases you purchase. Flow meters are also used in nearly all other industries and affect profit/loss as well as plant and public safety. When the wrong flow meter is used or one goes bad then you can have disaster, for instance coolant not reaching parts it should cool can cause those parts to overheat, break and even cause injury to workers.

Technology has advance greatly in electronics, manufacturing processes and in fact nearly every type of technology has advanced to give us better tools that work faster, more efficiently and can thing smaller or larger than ever before. Nearly every industry and product that uses flow meters are more accurate and work better with other equipment, for instance advances in electronics makes for smaller more accurate flow meters that can operate with less impact on the overall system.

All the advances in technology can be a good thing as well as cause problems. Human error increases with the increased choices in models and types of tools to use. At the same time as chance of human error increases the choices we have mean we fine tune our systems to work with tighter tolerances that help to make for a better bottom line at the end of the day. It is important to know more about how your flow meter will be used before purchase. Some of the information you might need include operating temperature, types of liquid or gas being measured as well as other operating parameters.

Any equipment you use should come with full data sheets detailing specifications and operating parameters appropriate for its use. It is critical to read or have access to this info when designing a complex system such as coolant system used in manufacturing. Fortunately information is readily available on the Internet direct from manufacturers and distributors. While you may still want data sheets on paper having access to the same info via the web can save a lot of time in finding the right equipment.

This website is intended as a basic introduction to flow meters that can be helpful for operations managers and others to understand the purchase orders generated by engineers. On this site we will explore the basics of the most common type of flow meters and how they are used. We also find other articles than our own with links to their sites to help you do further research. Be sure to follow up on any thing that is confusing to you as that can spell the difference between profit and loss or worse.

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